Sponsorship Opportunities

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By sponsoring one of the many art pieces in the Artisan Gardens, you become one of our “Ranche Hands” preserving our past for generations to come. You will be recognized in perpetuity on-site at the Historical Bow Valley Ranche, establishing a unique legacy for our city, our province and our nation on the global stage.

Items available for sponsorship

Arrowhead Crowns– In brushed stainless steel with black etching, the top anchor for each bench in the Artisan Gardens will proudly display your family name or company name and logo

Monolith Art Placards - Original artworks with creative space to incorporate hand prints of family members on or below your sponsored art piece. 

Mosaic Stepping Stones - Original artworks with creative space to incorporate hand prints of family members on or below your sponsored art piece. 

Artisan Benches – Handcrafted Canadian limestone benches by artist and master sculptor Gernot Keifer prominently located along the Ranche Promenade. Seven benches remain available for sponsorship.

Custom Wood Benches– Hand crafted custom wood benches along the Historical Walkway and in the Poet Tree Legacy area  are available for sponsorship.

                                         “Children of Yesterday ”    

 Villem Zach's bronze statue of a woman and her two children is meant to recognize the traditional lands of the Blackfoot and Métis people in this area. The sculpture was unveiled on December 10, 2010

The woman watches her step carefully as she descends from the hill behind her. One child is by her side, while the other is bundled on her back. 

This sculpture is part of the Artisan Corner in the Native Gardens, located in Fish Creek Provincial Park's Bow Valley Ranch area. It was the second bronze artwork to be unveiled


Vilem Zach was born on October 23,1946 in Prague,Czech Republic. Where he had spent numerous years studying art. Finding life unrewarding under communist rule, he left his homeland in 1969 and moved to Canada.

Once in Canada, Vilem was able to transform his passion of art into a full-time profession, realizing his dream of painting the North American Indian and their culture. With each painting he strives for a high standard of accuracy and feeling. His work also consists of candid, yet detailed paintings of the western heritage. After his experience with working on canvas he decided to experiment with three dimensional

bronze sculptures, for which he is now internationally recognized.

Currently residing in Calgary, Alberta, Vilem has exhibited with the world-famous Calgary Exhibition and Stampede since 1977. Many of his life size statues and heroic size monuments can be seen at numerous tourist attractions, and in private collections. 


Vilem Zach definitely earned his standing with the bronze sculpture works of the famous and the elite artisans both past and present.

Walking Buffalo      

(George Mclean) 1871 - 1967 

David Crowchild      1899 – 1982

Chief of Sarcee’s, was the "goodwill ambassador" amid the Sarcee’s an Calgarians. Recognizing the need to preserve his culture and the spirit of his ancestors, David was also very successful at marrying his ideals with the modern-day society.

Chief whom send the first children into white (or Calgary) public schools.


AAGOSTKIM           by David Trevelyan

Blackfoot word meaning Receive


This statute was unveiled in Sept. 2017 in paying respect to the Blackfoot Nation and reflecting a very strong spiritual significance to all peoples of the earth.


David Trevelyan was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on November 13, 1955. From an early age David developed a fascination with local Native Indian arts, particularly masks, which he began to carve from wood. He now focusing on the pure design, energy and forms of ethnic design using contemporary <POP> expressions, he continues to explore, innovate and build original creations from this seemingly unlimited reservoir.

TEEPEE          by Jeff de Boer

"Lone Wolf" Wood Carving - carved out of cottonwood and flanked by 1000 year old reclaimed fir stumps, by Artist Craig Johnson.

Engraved Field Stones - Create your own