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Our Featured Artists Are on Display

All original artwork is for sale.

Art sales help support The Bow Valley Ranche Historical Society (30% of sales), and, of course, the artist! 

Currently on display at the Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant:

  • Peter Freeborn 

  • Alison Evans Killam

  • Linda McClelland

Scroll down to view their work or view it on display at the Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant or email to

Peter Freeborn ARTIST

Artist Biography

Peter Freeborn is a self-taught artist, originally from the UK and now living in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains. I was encouraged to begin my painting journey by my late father, who was also an artist and former graphic designer, and started his painting career late in life. I have been fortunate enough to be able to build up my portfolio in a relatively short space of time and have sold my paintings both across Canada and internationally since 2017. I joined the ArtWorks Group in 2023 after being invited to attend as a guest at one of their sales.


My painting style is loose, wet on wet with inks and washes. My preferred medium is watercolours and ink.


When painting, my goal is to capture the beauty of my subjects. I believe that all art should create a reaction, good or bad. I want to encompass a feeling of excitement and life in my subjects and by not adding every detail this allows the viewer to interpret the painting for themselves. I want the viewer to look closely and see, or recreate, the finer details. When your mind fills in the missing pieces you are often able to see different things each time you view my art. Ultimately, this allows a person to become a part of the overall painting experience and really feel the art.

If you are interested in purchasing one of Peter's pieces, please contact*

Alison Evans Killam  ARTIST

Artist Biography

Alison is a contemporary abstract mixed media artist who lives In Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her works describe the rawness and organic nature of the land that surrounds her home city. Her floral paintings sing with the richness that flowers bring.


Alison has been a creative soul all her life but took up the artist's life when she retired. She found her passion through mentorships in Calgary, AB and Sun City, AZ. And, as they say, the rest is history. Painting daily, exploring techniques and taking many workshops and classes has helped her develop her unique and engaging style.


Alison has participated in many art shows including Palo Verde's shows and has received ribbons for her work. She has sold both in Canada and the United States.

If you are interested in purchasing one of Allison's pieces, please contact*

Linda McClelland  ARTIST

Artist Biography

Natural Alberta settings are the inspiration for many of Linda McClelland’s artistic expressions. After retiring from teaching science in 1995, she started quilting artistic wall hangings with instructions from Betty Louden, Susan Carlson, and Kati Pasquini Masopust ; all who specialized in landscapes.                      

In order to produce more artistic pieces, Linda decided to study colour, design, and general techniques in water colour painting. She is a member of the Parkdale Art Club, the Calgary Community Painters’ Society, and was a member of the Jasper Plein Air Watercolour Society. Linda has attended water colour workshops taught by Katy Morris, Karin Richter and Donna Jo Massie. Branching out to include acrylic techniques, she has studied with Jean Petersen, Linda Kemp, Sheila Schaetzle, Robert Burridge, Heather Pant, and Brian Buckrell. Encaustic painting, oil painting, and collage are also part of her repertoire.


Linda’s studies with Linda Kemp have inspired negative painting in both watercolour and acrylic. Heather Pant and Brian Buckrell have informed a stylized approach.


Linda says, “Landscape painting allows me to relive the enjoyment of being in nature. It’s something I can do every day and continue learning.”


Linda’s paintings can be found in private collections throughout Canada and the United States.

If you are interested in purchasing one of Linda's pieces, please contact*

Learn about the artwork in the year-round, outdoor gallery of the Native Gardens, The Artisan Gardens, and The Branded Patio at Bow Valley Ranche!

All original artwork is for sale. Please inquire on site at the Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant or email to

Art sales help support The Bow Valley Ranche Historical Society (30% of sales), and, of course, the artist! Thank you.

Artwork for Sale

If you are interested in purchasing one of their pieces,
please contact*

*please note not all pieces may be available in the artists' present inventory.

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