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Branded Patio

The Branded Patio is nestled behind the Bow Valley Ranche House and is accessible through the Native Gardens. It features individually crafted 18" mosaic stepping stones in the unique shape of a wagon wheel.


Mosaic artist Pamela Rodger customizes each stepping stone along with each sponsor and can incorporate family names and up to 4 hand or footprints, making you and your children a part of the ranche history, becoming “Ranche Hands……Stepping into the Future”. 


This unique sponsorship opportunity means stepping stones are permanently displayed for generations to enjoy. Create your legacy today!

There are 87 Mosaic Stepping Stones available at $1,000 plus GST. per sponsorship.
Reserve your Stepping Stone here

The clay handprints (Ranche Hands) are made of high fire, durable porcelain clay, fired to 2350 degrees F in an electric kiln. Pamela uses porcelain, as it is a fine, white clay body that captures the details of lifelines and skin creases.


The tonal qualities are from rubbing and wiping off raw red iron oxide onto the bisque clay, before the final firing. The glazed areas of colour on the Ranche Hands are reference points that tie them visually to the sky and foliage. 

Goldsmith & Hamilton Branded Patio Stepp


Pamela Rodger is the mosaic artist for the Bow Valley Ranche's Branded Patio. She will design 87 stepping stones, including the brands of Senator Patrick Burns' cattle empire (circa 1904) to be arranged in the shape of a wagon wheel, reflective of an era gone by.


These stepping stones will be individually crafted and will incorporate sponsors' family names and hand/footprints, making you and your children 'Ranche Hands'.

Pamela has also researched and developed a storyline that will be presented in 7 mosaic stepping stones showcasing the brands and the ranche history from 1872 – 1972. Pamela is excited to pass on an understanding and respect for the rich history of the Ranche to our Children and Grandchildren.                                                   

Goldsmith & Hamilton Branded Patio Stepp

Sponsor - Goldsmith 
& Hamilton

Sharpe stepping Stone 2019 framed.jpg

Sponsor - Sharp Family

Edworthy stepping stone 2019 framed.jpg

Sponsor - Edworthy

Yetman stepping stone 2019 framed.jpg

Sponsor - Yetman Family

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