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October 17th, 2014
Dedicated in loving memory to the spirit of Mitzie Wasyliw,
co-founder of the Ranche at Fish Creek Restoration Society

"Your passion, dedication, smile and zest for life will remain eternally embedded in my heart - I know you are dancing with the Angels"

Your Loving Soulmate

 Larry Wasyliw



By Martinez Arts Inc. Tijuana Mexico

Caballo was originally intended to honour William Roper Hull when in 1883 William Roper Hulland his brother, John Roper Hull was driving 1,200 head of horses from Kamloops via the Crowsnest Pass to Calgary. Impressed with the country, they decided to become permanent residents. First securing a contract with the Canadian Pacific Railways to be the sole suppliers of beef to the railway gangs in British Columbia, they quickly expanded their operation until they had a chain of fifteen butcher shops. Needing facilities for finishing cattle for slaughter, they offered to buy the 4,000-acre Government Supply Farm - as the Bow Valley Ranche was then called - for a rumoured price of $30,000.


It took over 3 months to collect over 1,000 horseshoes from local Mexican ranchers to make up Caballo 


On the passing of Mitzie Wasyliw, in Oct. 2014 Caballo was dedicated in her honour.



By David Trevelyan

Blackfoot word meaning Receive


This statue was unveiled in Sept. 2017 in paying respect to the Blackfoot Nation and reflecting a very strong spiritual significance to all peoples of the earth.


David Trevelyan was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on November 13, 1955. From an early age, David developed a fascination with local Native Indian arts, particularly masks, which he began to carve from wood. He now focusing on the pure design, energy and forms of ethnic design using contemporary expressions, he continues to explore, innovate and build original creations from this seemingly unlimited reservoir.