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History Wrangler

Rob Lennard, known throughout the province as The History Wrangler, is one of Alberta’s most enthusiastic historians who combines his passion for Alberta history with his life long love of entertaining which dates back to grade 5 when he performed in The Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show with the Young Canadians in front of Queen Elizabeth. Since then he has performed at many special events over the years including the following:

  • Opening Ceremonies, Calgary 1988 Winter Olympics

  • 7 Calgary Stampedes; four with the Young Canadians, one playing the trumpet with The Calgary Stampede Show Band and two performing with his Dusty Saddle Gang Band in the BMO Centre

  • Performances for three Alberta Premiers, The Prime Minister of Finland and King & Queen of Sweden

  • 2005 Alberta Centennial Celebrations- Rob and his Roaring Centennials Band performed at the official Alberta Centennial celebrations on September 1st, 2005 as well as Heritage Park and Fort Calgary during Alberta’s centennial year

  • 150th Anniversary of St. Albert Celebrations- St. Albert City Hall Stage

  • 100th Anniversary of The Turner Valley Oil Discovery, May 14th, 2014

  • 100th Anniversary- The Historical Society of Alberta

Historical Credibility

Rob is an award-winning historical fiction writer who has been enthusiastically studying Alberta history for more than a decade. In regards to his well-received books please note the following.

The Amazing Alberta Time Travel Adventures of Wild Roping Roxy and Family Day Ray- Rob wrote this book, which contains over 300 historical facts, to celebrate Alberta’s centennial in 2005. For his efforts, he received both the Alberta Centennial Medal and prestigious Alberta Awareness Award for “outstanding contribution to provincial history”. Additionally, the book was re-released with 6 additional chapters to celebrate the centennial of The Calgary Stampede in 2012 and the 2nd edition became the best-selling Calgary Stampede centennial book in the Chapters/Indigo book stores chain.

The Amazing Time Travel Adventures of The Iron Crow Brothers and Bree Saint Marie- This book contains over 200 historical facts about First Nation and Metis history and culture and features amazing illustrations from Nathan Meguinis (Traveling Rock) from the Tsuu T’ina Nation as well as a Foreword Message written by Chief Crowfoot’s great-great grand-daughter. The book was voted one of the finest First Nation books in Canada for 2013-2014 by 7 aboriginal judges.

​Singer, Songwriter

Rob writes songs about Alberta Historical characters and events and three of his songs, based on the history of oil discovery in Alberta, the arrival of C.P. Rail and the WW1 Fighter Pilot, Freddie McCall have made it to the finals of The Calgary International Folk Festival Song Writing Contest.

Finally, Rob is the former Director of The Alberta Heritage School Fair program who promoted the Heritage School Fair program throughout the 5 historical regions in Alberta. While in the role he visited close to 20,000 students in over 50 Alberta towns and cities promoting the national program and triggering enthusiasm and interest for Alberta history with his Past is a Blast Show.

Letters of references from Catholic and non-Catholic Principals and Vice-Principals from across Alberta are available upon request.

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