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The Bow Valley Ranche Historical  Society's historian, Rob Lennard, also known as The History Wrangler, shall be presenting 12 curriculum-based educational programs at The Historic Ranche for grades 4,5, and 7 students. The exciting programs will be offered 5 months a year; September, October, April, May and June and are available both mornings and afternoons.  


The highly entertaining and interactive educational programs take place in the beautiful Artisan Gardens at the Historic Ranche, surrounded by 75 pieces of art, inspired by three cultural themes: First Nations history, family, and the natural environment.  Note: In the event of rain or snow the programming shall take place next door in The Past is A Blast Pavilion. 


Finally, the cost of the educational programming at the Historic Ranche is absolutely FREE to both students and schools.  Furthermore, teachers can choose which four (4) of the 12 programs they would like their students to experience at the time of booking!

Lindsey Bingley, Teacher
Outreach Coordinator 

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Rob Lennard, a.k.a “The History Wrangler,” for his efforts in educating children about the history of Alberta through song and activities at The Historic Bow Valley Ranche at Fish Creek Park.


Our grade 4 and 5 classes took part in a morning of programming with Mr. Lennard this spring, and we were delighted with the quality of education, the amount and accuracy of the information, as well as the

visual/auditory/kinesthetic components of the program, which made it accessible to all learners.


Our students felt that it was one of the highlights of their school year, and teachers felt that it was a fun and educational way to delve into Alberta’s history. I would be happy to recommend this program to my fellow educators, and plan to attend with my students again in the next school year.

Rossbina Nathoo
President, F.O.C.U.S on seniors

It is with much pleasure and much gratitude that I write on behalf of F.O.C.U.S on Seniors.


Our participants who attended the Educational Recreational day had a fantastic experience last week at Fish Creek’s park open-air amphitheatre area. With your unique expertise in interacting

with each and every one of us with sing-alongs and visuals, you were able to bring Alberta’s history to life!


This “entertaining while educating” style was as refreshing as the ambience created on a crisp sunny autumn day. We learned about the Canadian heritage and all those who contributed to the growth of Calgary. The nearby museum enhanced our knowledge of Alberta and we reflected on the historical milestones as we hiked through the trails after.

Calgary is indeed very fortunate to have such talented and passionate volunteers who give of your incredible knowledge and time. I will be sure to encourage more of such visits with Bow Valley Ranch Education, a delightful non-profit venture and we will be sure to return again with more Chai Tea!!

Miss Lucy

Grade 4 Teacher

 My students enjoyed the day with Mr. Lennard so much! Each of the activities he planned for the students were entertaining, interactive and informative. From the start of planning this day, Mr. Lennard was quick to respond to emails and always accommodating.


During our field trip, our 50+ grade 4 students and parent volunteers felt welcomed and were eager to participate in the many activities. Mr. Lennard made sure to include as many students as possible in the role-playing activities, games and songs throughout the day. Volunteers were also included and many laughs were shared when the adults were participating.


Regarding curriculum, my teaching partner and I felt many outcomes were covered and we were so pleased with how fun Social Studies was made through the hands-on activities. I would highly recommend this program to any other teacher!

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