Lindsey Bingley Teacher/Outreach Coordinator

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Rob Lennard, a.k.a “The History

Wrangler,” for his efforts in educating children about the history of Alberta through song and

activities at The Historic Bow Valley Ranche at Fish Creek Park. Our grade 4 and 5 classes took

part in a morning of programming with Mr. Lennard this spring, and we were delighted with

the quality of education, the amount and accuracy of information, as well as the

visual/auditory/kinesthetic components of the program, which made it accessible to all

learners. Our students felt that it was one of the highlights of their school year, and teachers

felt that it was a fun and educational way to delve into Alberta’s history. I would be happy to

recommend this program to my fellow educators, and plan to attend with my students again in

the next school year.


List of 13 programs, one primary and 12 optional programs offered at The Historic Ranche at Fish Creek Provincial Park, established 1873.

1.     The “Distinguished 3 Rancher’s who called The Historic Ranche home; John Glenn, William Roper Hull and Senator Patrick Burns, voted Alberta’s Greatest Citizen!
Note: This is the only non-optional program offered during school visits, this is e famous Ranchers who called the Ranche home.

2.     Famous N.W.M.P. Guides, William Parker and Young Fred Bagley the 15 year old bugler

3.     Spiritual Protectors/Vision Quests & Aboriginal Sign Language

4.     The arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway to Calgary, August 11th, 1883

5.     Canada’s First Cowboys- “Home on The Rugged Range”/History of The Chuckwagon Races and Cattle Brands

6.     Famous Metis Characters, Buffalo hunts and The Red River Carts

7.     Alberta’s Train Robbers , Horse Thieves and Cattle Rustlers

8.     Historic French roots in Calgary & the History of Quebec’s Poutine

9.     The Birth of our beautiful Province, September 1st, 1905

10. The First Calgary Stampede- September 1912, according to Guy Weadick, the founder “A Humdinger of a time!”

11. “We Struck Oil!!”- Great Oil discoveries & early vehicles in Alberta.

12. “Alberta Ranchers off to The Great War”

13. Basic song writing tips from The History Wrangler- “Let’s write a song!”