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Monolith Art Placards

The Artisan Gardens offers amphitheatre-style seating with 12 benches, each with 3-sided arrowhead monolith ends showcasing pieces of original art.  72 original artworks are available for commission/sponsorship with creative space for those wishing to incorporate hand prints of family members on or below the sponsored art piece. Your family/corporation name will be engraved on a plaque, placed directly below the art in recognition of your contribution, along with the name of the artist and artwork. 


There are 72 Art Placards available at $5,000 per sponsorship.  
Reserve your Monolith Art Placard by completing the sponsorship donation form.

Examples of Art Placards from each side of 3-sided Arrowhead Bench Monolith:

Side 1 Examples:

Side 2 Examples:

Side 3 Examples:

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