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iiststii’ik (Listen) Garden - The Beginning

How did JVR Landscape get involved with Bow Valley Ranche?

JVR Landscape has been involved with all the phases of landscaping since the inception of the Artisan Gardens in 2006. Larry invited us to be part of the first iiststii’ik meeting back in January 2021 as a continuation of our involvement.

What role is JVR playing in the creation and development of iiststii’ik?

Our role is twofold. One is an advisory role as a consultant on design and plant material. Initial concepts were drawn up by Nicole and then drafted by JVR on AutoCAD. These drawings have morphed over the last many months with varying feedback and involvement from other parties.

The second is the physical implementation and logistics of the phases, beginning with control of invasive species in the area before any earth is moved. Subsequent stages will involve contouring of the land, placing boulders and preparing areas for planting and seeding.

This is the first project that we have worked on with involvement from First Nations elders, so that adds a unique element different from past projects. It is fitting that this is the “listen” garden.

Why does this project matter to you?

I spent the first twelve years in Calgary living in Parkland, just a couple of blocks in from the edge of the ridge overlooking the Ranche. I still live nearby and have always enjoyed running, walking or biking through the area. I am very thankful that my talents have been utilized in other parts of the gardens, so am honoured to be asked to continue my involvement in this next phase.

Who is JVR Landscape?