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Come by and see Craig Johnson in action at this weekend's Naked in Nature event, as a wolf carving comes to life. Craig Johnson grew up in south Calgary and as a youngster, spent many summers riding his bike through Fish Creek park. It was then that he developed a strong love of nature and the animals he saw through the park on his boyhood adventures. As an adult he worked artistically through different art mediums and ended up in Texas painting murals, when one of his clients asked if he could carve him a face out of wood. Craig gave it a try and discovered he was a natural at carving wood and hasn't looked back since. He began experimenting with different tools, woods and subjects to increase his skill and technique and has since transformed many large pieces of wood, of all shapes and sizes into animals, people and other subjects his clients ask for. He is completely self taught and we are happy that his magnificent work, a carving of a wolf, will be included in part of the Artisan Gardens.

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