The Bow Valley Ranche Historical Society is a non-profit charitable society, incorporated in Alberta in 1995. The society was established by local residents, Larry and Mitzie Wasyliw, who were concerned that The Ranche House was in danger of  demolition due to budget restraints and the lack of government funds.

The Ranche House and associated buildings in Fish Creek Provincial Park were boarded up and left silent, as they were no longer required by the Government of Alberta. Larry and Mitzie Wasyliw recognized this pivotal landmark of Canadian history that touched the business, social, government and entrepreneurial roots that have built our country.

In 1995, they determined that The Ranche House was structurally sound but in serious need of repair and they established The Ranche at Fish Creek Restoration Society, with a mandate to restore and oversee the Bow Valley Ranche to its original turn of the century grandeur.

Sponsorship and volunteer opportunities are available to assist the Society with current and future projects at the Bow Valley Ranche.


Larry Wasyliw

Mitzie Wasyliw
Fund Chairperson

Board Members

Chris Feist

Vice President

Fred Fenwick
Legal Counsel 

Karla McInnis
Curator of BVR and Native Gardens

Doug Levitt
Art Curator

Annette Resler

Art Curator

Kim Fankhanel

Clare Wallace
Curator of Native Gardens