Can I Make a Charitable Gift to Bow Valley Ranche Historical Society?


Yes, it is very possible if you feel this inclination. Mostly it requires emotional and financial considerations and with this your legacy plan is well on the way to being possible

The next thing is to discuss your intentions with family and professional advisors to be sure everything will meet everyone’s expectations.

The bonus is your financial planning will ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the Bow Valley Ranche in Fish Creek Provincial Park and all that it share s for a long, long time to come.

Here are a few of the ways it is possible for you to plan a legacy gift:

  • Cash

  • “Gifts In Kind” (market value of stocks, mutual funds, real estate and almost any property)

  • Life Insurance

  • Name Bow Valley Ranche Historical  Society in Your Will

  • Create a Charitable Trust

  • Establishing a Private Foundation


Any of these options allows you to be a donor to Bow Valley Ranche Historical Society In Fish Creek Provincial Park in a way that means you are leaving a legacy for future generations to enjoy. You are encouraged in all such considerations to consult with your professional financial advisor.

The Bow Valley Ranche HIstorical Society is a registered charity which issues tax receipts for contributions.

For more information please contact the Society office via Email: or Phone: 403-460-1374