Lindsey Bingley Teacher/Outreach Coordinator

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Rob Lennard, a.k.a “The History

Wrangler,” for his efforts in educating children about the history of Alberta through song and

activities at The Historic Bow Valley Ranche at Fish Creek Park. Our grade 4 and 5 classes took

part in a morning of programming with Mr. Lennard this spring, and we were delighted with

the quality of education, the amount and accuracy of information, as well as the

visual/auditory/kinesthetic components of the program, which made it accessible to all

learners. Our students felt that it was one of the highlights of their school year, and teachers

felt that it was a fun and educational way to delve into Alberta’s history. I would be happy to

recommend this program to my fellow educators, and plan to attend with my students again in

the next school year.

History Wrangler

Rob Lennard, known throughout the province as The History Wrangler, is one of Alberta’s most enthusiastic historians who combines his passion for Alberta history with his life long love of entertaining which dates back to grade 5 when he performed in The Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show with the Young Canadians in front of Queen Elizabeth. Since then he has performed at many special events over the years including the following:

  • Opening Ceremonies, Calgary 1988 Winter Olympics

  • 7 Calgary Stampedes; four with the Young Canadians, one playing trumpet with The Calgary Stampede Show Band and two performing with his Dusty Saddle Gang Band in the BMO Centre

  • Performances for three Alberta Premiers, The Prime Minister of Finland and King & Queen of Sweden

  • 2005 Alberta Centennial Celebrations- Rob and his Roaring Centennials Band performed at the official Alberta Centennial celebrations on September 1st, 2005 as well as Heritage Park and Fort Calgary during Alberta’s centennial year

  • 150th Anniversary of St. Albert Celebrations- St. Albert City Hall Stage

  • 100th Anniversary of The Turner Valley Oil Discovery, May 14th, 2014

  • 100th Anniversary- The Historical Society of Alberta



Historical Credibility

Rob is an award winning historical fiction writer who has been enthusiastically studying Alberta history for more than a decade. In regards to his well received books please note the following.

The Amazing Alberta Time Travel Adventures of Wild Roping Roxy and Family Day Ray- Rob wrote this book, which contains over 300 historical facts, to celebrate Alberta’s centennial in 2005. For his efforts he received both the Alberta Centennial Medal and prestigious Alberta Awareness Award for “outstanding contribution to provincial history”. Additionally, the book was re-released with 6 additional chapters to celebrate the centennial of The Calgary Stampede in 2012 and the 2nd edition became the best-selling Calgary Stampede centennial book in the Chapters/Indigo book stores chain.

The Amazing Time Travel Adventures of The Iron Crow Brothers and Bree Saint Marie- This book contains over 200 historical facts about First Nation and Metis history and culture and features amazing illustrations from Nathan Meguinis (Traveling Rock) from the Tsuu T’ina Nation as well as a Foreword Message written by Chief Crowfoot’s great-great grand-daughter. The book was voted one of the finest First Nation books in Canada for 2013-2014 by 7 aboriginal judges.

Singer/Song Writer

Rob writes songs about Alberta Historical characters and events and three of his songs, based on the history of oil discovery in Alberta, the arrival of C.P. Rail and the WW1 Fighter Pilot, Freddie McCall have made it to the finals of The Calgary International Folk Festival Song Writing Contest.

Finally, Rob is the former Director of The Alberta Heritage School Fair program who promoted the Heritage School Fair program throughout the 5 historical regions in Alberta. While in the role he visited close to 20,000 students in over 50 Alberta towns and cities promoting the national program and triggering enthusiasm and interest for Alberta history with his Past is a Blast Show.

Letters of references from Catholic and non-Catholic Principals and Vice-Principals from across Alberta are available upon request.


Top 10 Reasons to Support…

Alberta’s History Wrangler’s Education & Outreach Department of The Ranche at Fish Creek Restoration Society.

1. Educational Programs:

Support the teaching of no cost high energy, highly interactive and educational one-of-a-kind Alberta History programs for grades 2,4,5 and 7 outdoors at the Historic Bow Valley Ranche at Fish Creek Provincial Park in the beautiful Artisan Gardens surrounded by 175 pieces of art…”Western Canada’s most beautiful classroom!!”




2. Alberta’s Birthday Celebration Extravaganza:

Support Alberta’s largest and most unique “free for the whole family” birthday celebration held every September 1st at The Historic Bow Valley Ranche, the former home of Senator Patrick Burns, voted “Alberta’s Greatest Citizens” in 2008! The event features:

  • The re-enactment of the September 1st 1905 Inauguration (“birth of the province”) ceremony which features prominent Albertans dressed in black tails and Top Hats saying the exact lines spoken in 1905 by dignitaries including Earl Grey, the Governor General of Canada and Canada’s 7th Prime Minister, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, as well as the swearing in ceremony of George H.V. Bulyea, Alberta’s first Lieutenant Governor.

  • A parade down the Ranchers Promenade, featuring a marching band, RCMP Mounties, the City of Calgary Police Officers in vintage uniform, VIP’s and the NWMP re-enactment troop and others.

  • The awarding of The Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Youth History Award

  • The cutting of the huge Alberta birthday cake.

  • The raising of the unofficial Alberta Birthday Flag for the very first time on September 1st, 2016.

  • Fabulous entertainment!


3. Amazing Alberta History for New Albertans Program:

Support the no cost educational programs offered to Alberta Immigrants through educational institutions such as Bow Valley College and The Calgary and Immigrant and Education Society.

“We would encourage educational institutions and organizations to engage with Rob and his Amazing Alberta History Program, to foster a greater appreciation for the province’s history, and to showcase history in an unprecedentedly engaging light…” – Bow Valley College

“All in attendance thoroughly enjoyed the musical, theatrical and interactive show and he undoubtedly supplied a greater appreciation for Alberta history in the process. Thanks for stopping by Rob and keep on doing what you’re doing, you are a great son to Alberta!” – Calgary Immigrant and Education Society

4. University visits across Alberta/International students:

No cost visits with Education Students at universities across Alberta to provide suggestions to future teachers on how to engage their young students with fascinating Alberta history.

“Rob’s experience with education programs helped St. Mary’s student teachers learn a new and exciting way to engage their future students in Alberta’s rich history. However, what truly made Mr. Lennard stand-out were his Cowboy outfit and blues singing. Mr. Lennard made history come to life through his music by singing a song about a group of three ranchers from Bow Valley that included 20 historical facts. This unconventional approach to history teaching was an important lesson about innovative teaching in the classroom for our student teachers” -St. Mary’s University, Calgary

International students from all around the world studying English at The University of Calgary visit the Historic Bow Valley Ranche to learn about Alberta’s fascinating history!

5. French Educational Programming/Kick off to Quebec Carnival Fete:

(A) Support the teaching of fascinating Alberta history in French at the Historic Bow Valley Ranche and elsewhere across the province, including The Maple Fest event held at Heritage Park on March 5th and 6th, 2016 and the Franco Festival at Shaw Millennium Park

(B) Support the Annual Kick Off to Quebec Carnival Fete event- This event is held at the Historic Bow Valley Ranche on the first night of Quebec’s famous winter carnival for three reasons.

  • It celebrates the first night of the Quebec Carnival.

  • It celebrates over 60 years of Calgary and Quebec City being Sister Cities.

  • It celebrates the rich French history of the Historic Bow Valley Ranche, including Adelaide Belcourt, the French Metis wife of the first rancher John Glenn, who first settled on the land in 1873.

The 1st annual event included: Snow Shoe races for elementary school aged students, the City of Calgary Proclamation of the special day, French entertainment, Le Chateau Fashion Show, great French food and the unveiling of Calgary’s largest 2016 ice statue! The plans are underway to expand the Belcourt Snow Shoe Races in 2017 to include snow shoe race teams from at least 5 different schools!


6. Amazing Alberta History Program for Seniors:

The no cost program for seniors held at the Historic Bow Valley Ranche and elsewhere across the province.

“Our participants who attended the Educational Recreational day had a fantastic experience last week at Fish Creek’s park open air amphitheatre area. With your unique expertise of interacting with each and every one of us with sing-alongs and visuals you were able to bring Alberta’s history to life! This “entertaining while educating” style was as refreshing as the ambience created on a crisp sunny autumn day.” Focus On Seniors organization.


7. Historic Bow Valley Ranche Publishing House:

It is the goal to publish one pure Alberta history or Alberta historical fiction themed book per year, with the first book entitled The Bravest of The Brave, Alberta’s Victoria Cross Winners.

8. Educational Music Videos:

It is the goal to produce a top quality Alberta history themed educational and fun music video every year.

9. 2016 Cowboy Trail Tour:

Support Alberta’s History Wrangler’s 2016 Cowboy Trail Tour of 30 stops along the historic Cowboy Trail kicking off on June 1st at the Historic Rail Road Museum south of Lethbridge near the U.S. border and winding it’s way up to Mayerthorpe in northern Alberta and finishing off at the historic Bow Valley Ranche on September 1st, Alberta’s 111th birthday!

Note: The History Wrangler is now the official Cowboy Trail Ambassador and he looks forward to performing his recently written Cowboy Trail Song along the trail during the tour!

10. Matching Grants:

The Kids for Birdies program affiliated, with the Shaw Charity Classic Golf Tournament, shall match the funds raised for the Department of Education & Out Reach of the Ranche at Fish Creek Restoration Society!


Donate Today!

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  1. Programs are offered in French down at the Historic Ranche.

  2. Alberta’s History Wrangler received an award for promoting Calgary’s French history and performed his song about the French history of Calgary at the Franco Festival at Shaw Millennium Park and big Maple Syrup Festival at Heritage Park. He is also the Southern Alberta director on the board of The French Historical Society of Alberta.

  3. Alberta’s History Wrangler presentations to both Alberta Teachers Conferences and universities in the Alberta which have education departments. The principal reason for the visits are to hopefully inspire current and future teachers to place more emphasis and importance on the fascinating history of the great province of Alberta, especially in light of the recent headlines in the newspaper that showed Alberta received a dead last 10th finish in Canada for its history education.

  4. Alberta’s History Wrangler Aboriginal History Program: This program is based on information found in the Alberta’s History Wrangler’s First Nation themed book which contains over 250 historical facts pertaining to the Blackfoot, Cree and Metis peoples of the plains in the 1800’s. The book’s Foreword Message is written by Chief Crowfoot’s great-great granddaughter and the book was judged as one of the finest First Nation themed books in Canada for 2013-2014 by 7 aboriginal judges.

  5. Historic Ranche Publishing House: Each year the Department of Education & Outreach plans to release one Alberta historical book either pure fiction or historical fiction starting with the first one entitled The Bravest of The Brave, Alberta’s 15 Victoria Cross Recipients.

  6. Alberta Historical Themed Music Video/History themed TV Game Show for kids: Each year the Department of Education & Outreach of the society plans to create a professional entertaining and educational music video and host it on the Historic Bow Valley Ranche You Tube Video channel and the History themed game show is under preliminary development