Welcome to the Artisan Gardens

The Artisan Gardens project is an expansion of the 2.5 acre Native Gardens that honours the First Nations People who inhabited the Fish Creek Valley prior to the first settler John Glen in 1890. This project brings together celebrated artists and people interested in honouring their legacy. 


Amphitheatre-style seating will feature 12 benches with 3-sided arrowhead monolith ends, each showcasing pieces of original art that are available for sponsorship. This setting will accommodate family celebrations, children’s outdoor learning opportunities and public events for over 100 people. The Artisan Gardens ensures Alberta’s history, nature and art is honoured and represented in this unique and culturally significant venue. 


















Photo Credit: Jackie Ho, Life Unscripted Photography







In addition, individually designed and crafted stepping stones located in the Branded Patio along with several major bronze sculptures, hand crafted artisan benches, and other unique works of art will be incorporated throughout the Native Gardens area. In total, 175 pieces of original art will be showcased in a one-of-a-kind art gallery, presented in nature and open to the public year-round.




View of Branded Patio lookng south.
18" stepping stones set in wagon wheel design. 

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