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Amphitheatre-style seating features 12 benches with 3-sided arrowhead monolith ends, each showcasing pieces of original art that are available for sponsorship. This setting accommodates family celebrations, children’s outdoor learning opportunities and public events for over 100 people. The Artisan Gardens ensures Alberta’s history, nature and art is honoured and represented in this unique and culturally significant venue.


Featured Artists

Dean Tatam Reeves and Bonnie Scott

January 2020 - May 2020

in the Grand Salon Art Gallery at

Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant 

Dean Tatam Reeves, Artist

Dean Tatam Reeves’ studio is under an open sky, wherever he plants his painting chair. In this way he produces an ongoing series of works in pastels and watercolours that investigate diverse Canadian landscapes. Dean is at home whether he is exploring cool Central Alberta forests and wetlands of the Beaver Hills UNESCO Biosphere, windswept open prairies, rugged Great Lakes shores, the wilds of Algonquin Park or the tidal basin of the Bay of Fundy.

Born in England, Dean has lived in Western Canada since 1956. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Alberta in 1978 Dean established an ongoing art practice. Throughout his career he has served the public in roles as an art educator, arts manager and curator. His artworks can be found in numerous public, corporate and private art collections.

Bonnie Scott, Artist

"I work in oil and watercolor, with a commitment to painting images reflecting the beauty and joy found in this world.


My art practice explores the visual language of abstraction, particularly modern geometric and formal abstraction.  The use of the grid helps me represent  both issues of interrelationships and interconnectedness.


My paintings reflect my responses, both emotionally and intellectually, inclusive of the poetic possibilities of colour, form and pattern."

All original artwork is for sale. Please inquire on site at the Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant or email to info@bowvalleyranche.com

Art sales help support The Bow Valley Ranche Historical Society (30% of sales), and, of course, the artist!

Thank you.

Sue Contini, Artist

Recently Featured ArtWORKS Artists

If you are interested in purchasing one of their pieces, please contact info@bowvalleyranche.com

Please note not all pieces may be available in the artists' present inventory.

Gena LaCoste, Artist

Tracy Proctor, Artist

Virgini Senden, Artist

Keegan Starlight, Artist

Cheryl Taylor, Artist

Debra Ward, Artist

Learn about the artwork in the year-round, outdoor gallery of the Native Gardens, The Artisan Gardens, and The Branded Patio at Bow Valley Ranche!